As a small or large business, your goal is for your customers to find you very easily and with little effort. This is why it’s important to establish a business presence online. This increases the opportunity for your potential customers to find you quickly using a variety of devices and / or social networking sites.

Today, more than in the past, you need to think strategically about your marketing approach. If you operate an online store or a traditional shop front, the strategy you choose is equally important. More and more people are searching and shopping online.

Creating a consistent business brand for your current and potential customers throughout all media can be a challenge, and at times overwhelming. Here are some basic tips to help:

Embrace social media

If your business doesn’t have a presence using social media, you should plan to do so now. Don’t wait! Social media has become an integral part of our lives. An increasing percentage of business owners that use social media also indicate that it has a positive effect on their business.

Build a great website

Your website is your virtual shop front, but remember, first impressions count. The quality and delivery of your website is important. It can be the difference between making a sale or not. Focus on the simple things and overall user experience, make your website easy to navigate, provide contact information which is easy to find.

Above all, have a mobile device compatible website. Due to the increasing number of mobile users, this is a must. It’s also a great way for search engines like Google to find your website, and your customers can find you when searching. Since early 2015 Google gives priority to mobile device friendly websites.

Encourage online reviews

If your customers appreciate your product or service, make it easy for them to share with friends or other consumers via social media. Business ratings, reviews and content sharing is made extremely easy at MoBizinfo. Many consumers find reviews helpful prior to making a purchasing decision.

Explore online advertising

If you operate online, you should consider advertising online also. There are numerous options for online advertising, include social media, Google AdWords, banner ads on popular websites, blogs, and business directories like MoBizinfo. There are many benefits to advertising online, primarily it provides business owners a cost-effective method of advertising. It also allows a business to strategically target a specific audience.

In the end, the same applies to any business. Your objective is for your customers to find you quickly and easily, with little effort required.