Mobile marketing can help to position your business in front of new and potential customers based on their location and what they are looking for.

To survive in business today it’s important to look at multiple marketing options. Location marketing allows a business to be found by customers easily when they are searching for products or services within a specific area – from home or the office – by adding and featuring in business directories like MoBizinfo and Google+ business pages.

For a business that can afford to invest in mobile technologies, including apps, location marketing provides innovative opportunities for engaging consumers with relevant information. Targeting a customer’s location or location history, allows a marketing team the ability to provide content that has been specifically customised for consumers.

Here’s how to master mobile marketing most effectively for your business.

1. Be found!

Ensure you have a listing in local business directories like MoBizinfo, Google+ business pages, and provide accurate information. A free listing at MoBizinfo gives your business a boost and presence online, where you can be found by more people looking for a business like yours on the internet.

2. Setting up business profiles

Setting up business pages on some networks can work for you, like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook – it can depend on your industry type – and which one’s work best for you. By establishing pages you can take advantage of a huge audience that might be searching for your products and services, plus located nearby. When interacting on social media consider that each platform targets different types of consumers.

3. Mobile marketing

With a large percentage of people using smartphones today, businesses have a great opportunity to connect with consumers. If using mobile technologies for location services, be careful and also consider privacy issues. Respecting the privacy of consumers with relevant messages that will not be considered spam.

4. Build a reputation and get ratings

Business directories like MoBizinfo are a great way to do this. For example, a cafe or restaurant will want to make it easy for customers to find them. Recommendations and reviews influence a person’s decision greatly, and if they will visit your business. Encourage customers that have a positive experience to leave a great review.

5. Is your information correct and updated?

When looking for a business, opening hours are important, the address must be accurate and easy to locate, plus some information about your products is helpful. Be sure your website is mobile friendly, and your social media, MoBizinfo listing, all look good and have fresh content, quality photos or video.