If you have a website and social media pages already established for your business, it’s important to expand your reach by appearing in online business directories also.

If you need and want more people to find your business, a free online listing with MoBizinfo is a great way to inform more people about your services.

Even if you have created an attractive website for your business, it’s beneficial to appear across all networks and quality directories like MoBizinfo, be easily found on mobile devices, also boosting your exposure greatly and attracting more visitors.

After creating a free listing at MoBizinfo, you may like to consider additional options:

1. Do some research – what option works best for your business?

A free listing shares your business information directly with customers. Including business name, location and phone number. The essentials for a customer to find you. But if you want to extend your reach further there are additional options available to include extra information about your business.

2. Determine your goals

The above option can be adjusted to accommodate your goals. Which audience are you targeting and what style do you want to portray? Are you aiming to make it easy for customers to find you, or to have a simple cost effective online presence?

3. Add to your business listing

A free listing starts with the basic essentials, but if you want to upgrade or claim your MoBizinfo listing you can add a business description, business hours, website and social links, photos and more. It’s quick and easy! Plus all content professionally translated (Ukrainian, Russian, English) which brings huge benefits.

4. Using categories and keywords

Search engines like keywords. By selecting the appropriate business categories and using keywords in your business description specific to your business and target market, customers can find you when searching. If you are a florist in Lviv, using keywords like ‘Lviv’ and ‘florist’ in your business description is advantageous and beneficial.

5. Get attention with quality images and / or a video

Add a relevant / custom photo to your listings. It’s challenging to hold a person’s attention for more than a few seconds, but images and videos are a great way to leave a good impression – such simple items can convey your professional attitude, service and brand.