MoBizinfo was created and developed by Mo Grp with a primary goal in mind, to provide the premier online resource (go to guide / directory) for finding accurate and reliable business information throughout Ukraine, in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Including a simple, fast and easy way to find the precise location of an existing business via simple search options, mapping, and mobile device compatibility for ease of use.

Our mission is to provide all businesses, consumers, and the Ukrainian community the opportunity to support each other for greater overall success. Not only success in business, but success as a country, for the future.

To us here at MoBizinfo, information is paramount, including the sharing and delivery of this information. Simple and fast!

With nationwide support MoBizinfo can be beneficial to all involved. Assisting consumers looking for a business service, increasing visitors and traffic to a business, providing more promotional and selling opportunities for greater business and economic success. Locally and nationally.

Our service is accompanied by international experience, plus extensive research and development. Combining simple information essentials with exponential growth options for future benefit and implementation.

MoBizinfo is designed and developed to promote economic activity and improve business services, not only for the local community in Ukraine, but also from abroad, including Europe and beyond. Providing comprehensive business information in English can increase this interaction with visitors to Ukraine. Additionally assisting prospective business partners established abroad with information for investment opportunities in Ukraine.

From the team at MoBizinfo. Help us, help you!

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